Normally when we feature a photographer like Grégoire Grange, we extoll the virtues of taking the mundane aspects of everyday life and making them seem somehow more exciting, less grey or even transforming them into something otherworldly and surreal. Not so with this Bordeaux-based photographer who seems more than happy to simply let the mundane speak for itself. Whether he’s walking the streets of his hometown picking out parked cars and empty cafés, or taking his first trip to America to focus on the minutiae of a dropped McDonald’s © cup, one never feels that Gregoire is trying to put his subjects on a pedestal. His images are just beautifully-composed snapshots of world’s we’re all familiar with, yet somehow they stand out in spite of that.

James Cartwright, IT’s NICE THAT, February 2014

Currently living and working in Bordeaux, France.
Photography & Art direction
Portfolio on Request

De Visu — Grégoire Grange & USUS Architectes
La Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux — France16th of November to 31st of December [2019]

Landskating Anywhere — Group Show
Arc en Rêve, Centre d'architecture, Bordeaux — France 27th of June to 15th of October [2017]

Wasted Talent Magazine [2018]
It's Nice That [2014]
Books Online [2010]
Mossless [2010]

Experimental films [2016-2019]

Co-Founder of Bureau Parade
Founder of vague thing